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Team Building activity of Linda Liu & Partners in Pine Ridge

On the morning of August 11th in a comfortable weather, Linda Liu & Partners held its first team building activity of partners as scheduled. All the partners gathered at 8:30 am in the office building and set off to the Pine Ridge which is a scenic area near Beijing. A wonderful day started.
After about two hours’ drive, the partners arrived at Pine Ridge. After warm-up exercises, the partners were separated into a yellow team and a pink team named as "Linda Liu Team" and " Chixue Wei Team" respectively, representing Linda Liu & Partners and Beijing Wei Chixue Law Firm, two of our subsidiaries. Wearing the logos of the two firms, everyone fought for honor.
The sports program before noon consisted of four games: Rope Drum, Forest, Energy Transmission and Rhythm. Rope Drum is a game of eight people juggling a volleyball on a drum enchained by ropes which are stretched up by the eight players. The team getting 5 scores first wins. It is a competetion of strength. The Forest includes 6 players standing in a circle, each holding a plastic stick. The players move to take the previous person’s stick and leaves his/her own stick to the next person, during which the stick should always be kept up-right. The team first finishing 6 successive rounds wins the game. Energy Transmission includes eight players each holding a semi-circular plastic tube to be in turn combined to form a long track for a ball. If the ball falls or returns, the players have to start over. Forest and Energy Transmission aim to test the participants’ balance and collaboration. In the game Rhythm, the whole team is required to stand in a circle. Each player taps the shoulders of the neighboring teammates. The group would count a number and clap, and then shout the slogan "We Make Linda Liu & Partners Better" character by character. Each round finishes with increase of number and character until the slogan is completed. It’s a game for cooperation. In the end, the yellow team won with a 15 second advantage.
Games including Inception, Fingerboard and Magical Brush were arranged in the afternoon.
Inception requires collaboration of the two teams. Each person got a card with a pattern that is partial and unrecognizable. The cards cannot be showed to others and must be arranged in the right order within 50 minites only according to the description given by each player. Fingerboard requires the two teams to compete. Each team is divided into several two-person groups. Each group relays a number of high-difficulty actions such as rope skipping, shooting, and land boating. The team who spends less time wins at last. In the Magical Brush, “林达刘”, the three Chinese characters of "Linda Liu" was written by joint effort of eight people with a single large brush. The brush must be always kept vertical in the process of writing; and each move has to be solid. The game highlighted the position of our firm in everyone’s heart.
The first team building activity of partners of Linda Liu & Partners was brought a successful close with the commitment and collaboration of the partners. After the whole day, everyone became more caring about each other and had a better understanding of the firm’s spirit.
Beautiful memories are limited while promising future is infinite. The Partners of Linda Liu & Partners will continue to carry responsibilities and embark on a new journey together!
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