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Guide:How to effectively prepare the reasons of invalidation to increase the success rate of invalidation under the circu...
Guide: MTG has filed an invalidation request for the Chinese design patent imitating MTGs ReFa beauty roller and won the ...

① Representation of patent application;

② Representation of maintenance and payment of annuities;

③ Representation in re-examination, invalidation and administrative reconsideration;

④ Representation of patent search and infringement supervision;

⑤ Due diligence investigation prior to product development;

⑥ Evaluation of patent infringement;

⑦ Representation in patent infringement litigation;

⑧ Representation in administrative handling of patent infringement;

⑨ Formulation and consultation of anti-counterfeiting measures;

⑩ Assignment of patents and technologies; and

⑪ Other IP related legal consultation

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