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Case Brief Entrusted by the four opponents of Okayama-ken Government, Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Okayama-k...
Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit (Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits by Supreme Court in 2015) Introduct...

Legal Services on Intellectual Property

①Representation of IP infringement litigation or administrative litigation;

②Representation of administrative investigations or complaints of counterfeiting goods;

③Representation in customs recordation and investigations;

④Registration of copyright and software registration;

⑤Representation of domain name registration and management, and settlement of disputes related to domain name;

⑥Representation of patent licensing, trademark licensing and transfer of technology;

⑦Draft of agreements of license or transfer for patented or non-patented technologies or trademark;

⑧Investigation and gathering of evidence for IP infringement;

⑨Formulation or consultation of anti-counterfeiting measures;

⑩Legal Counseling for IP-related matters for enterprises;

⑪Legal consultation on matters related to IP rights;

⑫Drafting, translation or reviewing of contracts on establishment of joint ventures or sole proprietorship enterprises;

⑬Representation and assistance in the negotiation with related parties of joint ventures or sole proprietorship enterprises;

⑭Cultivation and education of IP talents for enterprises;

⑮Representation in settlement of labor disputes or arbitration cases of enterprises; and

⑯Representation, consultation and assistance in share transfer of enterprises.

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