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Guide : In this case, we filed an invalidation request against the design patent titled Shop Front (Milk Tea Shop) with a prior trademark right as evidence, which was approved by th...
Guide : In this case, we filed an invalidation request against the design patent titled Shop Front (Milk Tea Shop) with a prior trademark right as evidence, which was approved by th...
The number of China's PCT applications ranks first in the world

On April 7, the World Intellectual Property Organization (hereinafter referred to as “WIPO”) held a press conference in Geneva, releasing the statistics of international registration for patents, trademarks and industrial designs of the year 2019. The statistic shows that in 2019, China filed 58,990 patent applications through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of WIPO,  surpassed the United States (57,840) and jumped to the first place, becoming the country with the largest number of international patent applications.
"Among the applicants who filed international patent applications through PCT, China quickly takes the lead, which highlights that for a long time, the geography pattern of innovation has been shifting to the East, and the number of applications filed by Asian applicants accounts for more than half of the total amount of PCT applications. "Said Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO.
The statistic shows that various global IP indicators in 2019set a new record. In 2019, the number of international patent applications filed through PCT was 265,800, with a growth rate of 5.2%. The number of international trademark applications filed through the Madrid system was 64,400, with a growth rate of 5.7%. The number of industrial design applications filed through the Hague system was 21,807, with an increasing rate of 10.4%. The top five countries for PCT applications are: China (58,990), United States (57,840), Japan (52,660), Germany (19,353) and South Korea (19,085); The top five countries for filing international trademark applications through the Madrid system are: the United States (10,087), Germany (7,700), China (6,339), France (4,437) and Switzerland (3,729); and the top five countries for the number of designs filed through the Hague system are: Germany (4,487), South Korea (2,736), Switzerland (2,178), Italy (1,994) and the Netherlands (1,376).
In addition, the statistic shows that according to the classification of PCT applicants, the Chinese enterprises and universities’ performance is very eye-catching. In 2019, the Chinese enterprise Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ranked first with 4,411 PCT applications filed, followed by Japan enterprise Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (2,661), South Korea ’s Samsung Electronics (2,334), American Qualcomm (2,127) and Guang Dong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications corp.,ltd (1,927). 4 Chinese company were listed among the top ten company applicants. In terms of universities, the University of California ranked first again with 470 international patent applications filed, the second is Tsinghua University (265), followed by Shenzhen University (247), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (230) and South China University of Technology (164). Among the top ten universities, 5 universities are from the United States, 4 universities are from China, and 1 is from South Korea .
"IP right is gradually becoming the core of global competition." Gurry said. At present, global innovations represented by innovative drugs, new communication technologies and new solutions to global challenges are enhanced day by day. And all of us will benefit from them wherever we are.
According to the report, in recent years, China has vigorously implemented the innovation-driven development strategies and IP strategies, continuously increased investment in innovation and R&D. China has paid much attention to IP protection, creating good business environment, as such, both the quantity and quality of the Chinese IP rights are improved and its global impact are  enhanced .
date:April 7th, 2020
source:China National Intellectual Property Administration

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