Patent invalidation
Linda Liu & Partners Invalidated Two Standard Patents
  Introduction The two patents involved, namely, Method for Decoding Based on Intra Prediction and Apparatus for Decoding Based on Intra Prediction, are standard patents in the worldly renowned HEVC Advance patent pool in the field of video e
Success in Invalidating the Patent “Maintenance Free Slide Bearing” for Mingyang Technology
  Recently, the CEO of Mingyang Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd paid a visit to our Beijing office. He spoke high of our attorneys professional proficiency, profound knowledge of the laws and devotion exhibited in the invalidation procedure and
Linda Liu & Partners succeeded in maintaining patent rights of “Side Release Buckle” valid
  Lead: when a design patent is cited as evidence prejudicing the inventiveness of a patent for creation-invention, the disclosure of the drawings of the design patent should be determined within the scope directly and unambiguously determine
We successfully maintained the validity of the series of patents ”Network Structure Having Excellent Durability Against
  Guide: When the raw materials and/or manufacturing methods are different or similar, the technical features not disclosed in the evidence constitute substantial differences. Case brief: The new generation of cushioning material BREATHAIR pr
We successfully revoked the decision of invalidation for our client made by the CNIPA regarding the patent “Synchronizi
  Guide: For invention patents with complex technical features that simplify the structure of the prior art, when considering the technical effects brought about by multiple distinguishing technical features, we should not only consider each
We successfully maintained the validity of the invention patent ”Coaxial Connector” for our client
  Guide: If a claim is substantially different from the evidence and the technical problems to be solved by the two are not the same, then the claim should be regarded as novel over the evidence. Case brief: The patentee is one of the worlds
We successfully invalidated the design patent “Shop Front (Milk Tea Shop)” for Shen-Keng Food and Beverage Co., Ltd
  Guide : In this case, we filed an invalidation request against the design patent titled Shop Front (Milk Tea Shop) with a prior trademark right as evidence, which was approved by the Reexamination and Invalidation Hearing Department of the
We successfully invalidated the invention patent “Power supply for LED” for client
  Guide:How to effectively prepare the reasons of invalidation to increase the success rate of invalidation under the circumstance that there are different understandings of the features in the claim Introduction: The petitioner filed a reque
Linda Liu & Partners Successfully Invalidated “Beauty Roller” Design Patent on behalf of MTG Co., Ltd.
  Guide: MTG has filed an invalidation request for the Chinese design patent imitating MTGs ReFa beauty roller and won the invalidation finally. Case brief: The petitioner filed an invalidation request for the design patent of the patentee Gu
We Won a First Instance Judgment of 3.2 million yuan Compensation in Protecting a Design Patent for Our Client
  Guide: How to determine whether or not design patents are similar and how to obtain a high damages compensation? Introduction: Panasonic Corporation owns a design patent facial steamer, which product, due to its novel, beautiful and stylish
Trademark cases
The review case series on trademark refusal for “中国中铁(China Railway)” represented by Linda Liu & Partners
  I. Case Summary 1. Basic facts The applicant China Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Railway) is a mega corporate group owned by central government integrating survey and design, construction and installa
OKAYAMA Non-registration Case entrusted to Linda Liu & Partners selected as ”Excellent Trademark Cases of 2017-2018”
  Case Brief Entrusted by the four opponents of Okayama-ken Government, Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Okayama-ken Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, and Okayama-ken Central Committee of Small and Medium Sized Enterprise
Trademark “SANYONG & device” was successfully invalidated by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
  Our client Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Sanyo) is a famous Japanese electric appliance company. Its trademarks 三洋 and SANYO were recognized well-known trademarks in China. In 2012, Sanyo requested to invalidate the trademark SANYONG device
A successful cancellation of other’s trademark by Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha
  The trademark application of SEIKO in Class 41by our client Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha (Seiko Holdings) was rejected by citing a prior trademark SEIKA S device (cited mark) of a third party in 2013. Through Internet search, we think it
We helped client Suzuki have its trademarks recognized well-known
  Our client Suzuki is a Fortune 500 company and enjoys great reputation in auto and motor industry. In China, though the client obtained registration for its house marks 铃木, SUZUKI and as early as 1979, the free-ride behavior as imitatin
Yakult (JP) vs Xile (CN): Unfair competition lawsuit
  (Copying of the trade dress of well-known product) Introduction:The imitation of a well-known trade dress of the product constitutes act of unfair competition The products of Yakult enjoy wide popularity among consumers, and its unique trad
OJI Paper (JP) vs Xiamen ANNE (CN): Trademark dispute administrative lawsuit
  Trademark dispute administrative lawsuit(Win back the trademark cybersquatted by others for nearly 10years) Introduction: Using evidence chain to win back the trademark cybersquatted by others for nearly 10 years Abstract: Early in 1930s, O
Our firm successfully protected the client’s renowned trademark for “EAGLEBURGMANN” in trademark invalidation cases
  Introduction: For renowned trademarks, the registrant should extend its protection scope to the relevant goods as much as possible to reduce the room for trademark preemptive registration by others. If the mark was preemptively registered o
We Successfully Invalidated a Number of Malicious Trademarks
  Introduction: Trademark owners active performance in claiming trademark distinctiveness and public awareness may help the trademark authorities to apply examination standard more strictly in the cases. Abstract: Mr. Issey Miyake is a renown
We successfully invalidated a number of trademarks which infringed name right of famous artist
  Case summary: Romero Britto is a famous pop artist around the world. His works are very popular among collectors as well as the public. A Chinese company preemptively registered Mr. Brittos surname BRITTO in a number of classes in China. On
Infringement dispute
We win the first instance of two patent infringement cases - The method of adducing evidence for products in the B2B fiel
  The Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court (the GZ IP Court) recently made the first-instance judgement (not effective yet) for the two zipper patent infringement cases in which we represented YKK Corporation against a Guangdong-based compan
Nihon Superior(JP) vs PRB(CN): Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit(Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits)
  Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit (Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits by Supreme Court in 2015) Introduction: How to determine whether a claim which contains numerical range is inventive. Abstract: We represent the petitione
D (JP) vs Kangmeite (CN): Patent infringement lawsuit
  (World giant in the industry vs. Emerging leading company in China) Introduction: Patent invalidation is a fundamental solution to infringement litigation. Abstract: A world leading company D of its industry declared a war against Kangmeite
Deichmann (DE) vs Liyong (CN): Domain name dispute lawsuit
  (Dispute on domain name with judicial determination of domain name after the arbitration) Introduction: It doomed to be a failure to cybersquat the domain names of others Introduction: A Chinese person named Li Yong preemptively registered
Nikuni (CN) vs ST(CN): Unfair competition lawsuit/Trade secret infringement
  (A former senior executive misused the trade secret of his previous employer after the establishment of his own firm.) Introduction: A former executive misused the trade secret of his previous employer after the establishment of his own fir
SOUND AROUND (US) VS Hangzhou Astone (CN): Copyright infringement lawsuit
  (Conflict between trademark and copyright) Introduction: copyright can become a powerful weapon to defeat trademark preemptive registration Introduction: SOUND AROUND (US) has OEM manufacturing in China and exports the product to the United
R (CN) vs L (CN): Patent infringement lawsuit
  (Vital dispute between two world leaders in dye chemical industry) Introduction: Whether settlement can achieve a win-win result Introduction: This case involved the disputes between the first and second ranked companies in the dye chemical
Bridgestone (JP) VS Jianxin (CN): Design patent infringement lawsuit
  (Concerning indirect infringement of design patent) Introduction:The production of the important part of design product may constitute design infringement as well. Abstract: This case involves indirect infringement of design patent. The pat

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