Infringement dispute
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Guide:How to effectively prepare the reasons of invalidation to increase the success rate of invalidation under the circumstance that there are different understandings of the featu...
Guide: MTG has filed an invalidation request for the Chinese design patent imitating MTGs ReFa beauty roller and won the invalidation finally. Case brief: The petitioner filed an in...
Deichmann (DE) vs Liyong (CN): Domain name dispute lawsuit

(Dispute on domain name with judicial determination of domain name after the arbitration)

Introduction: It doomed to be a failure to cybersquat the domain names of others

Introduction: A Chinese person named Li Yong preemptively registered the domain names under and The German company Deichmann won a favorable decision in the arbitration procedure of domain name. However, Li Yong immediately filed a lawsuit. In the litigation procedure, we represented Deichmann. Our claim has been fully supported by the court, and Li Yong's claims were completely dismissed.

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