Patent invalidation
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Patent invalidation
We successfully invalidated the invention patent “Power supply for LED” for client
  Guide:How to effectively prepare the reasons of invalidation to increase the success rate of invalidation under the circumstance that there are different understandings of the features in the claim Introduction: The petitioner filed a reque
Linda Liu & Partners Successfully Invalidated “Beauty Roller” Design Patent on behalf of MTG Co., Ltd.
  Guide: MTG has filed an invalidation request for the Chinese design patent imitating MTGs ReFa beauty roller and won the invalidation finally. Case brief: The petitioner filed an invalidation request for the design patent of the patentee Gu
We Won a First Instance Judgment of 3.2 million yuan Compensation in Protecting a Design Patent for Our Client
  Guide: How to determine whether or not design patents are similar and how to obtain a high damages compensation? Introduction: Panasonic Corporation owns a design patent facial steamer, which product, due to its novel, beautiful and stylish
We Successfully Invalidated a Number of Malicious Trademarks
  Introduction: Trademark owners active performance in claiming trademark distinctiveness and public awareness may help the trademark authorities to apply examination standard more strictly in the cases. Abstract: Mr. Issey Miyake is a renown
We successfully invalidated a number of trademarks which infringed name right of famous artist
  Case summary: Romero Britto is a famous pop artist around the world. His works are very popular among collectors as well as the public. A Chinese company preemptively registered Mr. Brittos surname BRITTO in a number of classes in China. On
We Won Another Administrative Litigation over Review of Refused Trademark
  Guide: Judgment of whether trademarks are similar or not should not base only on the similarity of constituent elements of trademarks . Introduction: Tokyu Corporation plans to register its English trade name TOKYU in various categories; ho
Bridgestone (JP) vs Gongniu (CN): Design patent infringement lawsuit(Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits by Supreme
  Introduction: How to determine the relationships among the existing prior design, the accused infringing product and patent involved while the defendant claims the defense of prior design. Abstract: This case involved the law application re
Our firm Won the Invalidation of the Patent for Invention Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride and Sodium Chloride Injection
  Recently, Beijing Higher Peoples Court has made the final judgment to maintain the No. 20015 Invalidation Decision by the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO, and all the claims of the patent Moxifloxacin hydrochloride and sodium chloride in
We Successfully Sustained the Invention Patent “Pre-Coated Sand, Preparation Method Thereof and Composite Water Permeab
  Guide: How to determine whether or not a claim is supported by the description, whether or not it is clear and whether or not it possesses inventiveness. Introduction: The petitioner filed a request for invalidation of the invention patent
We Successfully Invalidated the Design Patent “Game Console (Magic Music Game Console II)” for Our Client
  Guide: How to determine whether or not a design patent have distinct differences over the prior design? Introduction: Entrusted by the petitioner of request for invalidation, Linda Liu Partners filed a request for invalidation of the design
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