Infringement dispute
We win the first instance of two patent infringement cases - The method of adducing evidence for products in the B2B fiel
  The Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court (the GZ IP Court) recently made the first-instance judgement (not effective yet) for the two zipper patent infringement cases in which we represented YKK Corporation against a Guangdong-based compan
Nihon Superior(JP) vs PRB(CN): Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit(Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits)
  Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit (Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits by Supreme Court in 2015) Introduction: How to determine whether a claim which contains numerical range is inventive. Abstract: We represent the petitione
D (JP) vs Kangmeite (CN): Patent infringement lawsuit
  (World giant in the industry vs. Emerging leading company in China) Introduction: Patent invalidation is a fundamental solution to infringement litigation. Abstract: A world leading company D of its industry declared a war against Kangmeite
Deichmann (DE) vs Liyong (CN): Domain name dispute lawsuit
  (Dispute on domain name with judicial determination of domain name after the arbitration) Introduction: It doomed to be a failure to cybersquat the domain names of others Introduction: A Chinese person named Li Yong preemptively registered
Nikuni (CN) vs ST(CN): Unfair competition lawsuit/Trade secret infringement
  (A former senior executive misused the trade secret of his previous employer after the establishment of his own firm.) Introduction: A former executive misused the trade secret of his previous employer after the establishment of his own fir
SOUND AROUND (US) VS Hangzhou Astone (CN): Copyright infringement lawsuit
  (Conflict between trademark and copyright) Introduction: copyright can become a powerful weapon to defeat trademark preemptive registration Introduction: SOUND AROUND (US) has OEM manufacturing in China and exports the product to the United
R (CN) vs L (CN): Patent infringement lawsuit
  (Vital dispute between two world leaders in dye chemical industry) Introduction: Whether settlement can achieve a win-win result Introduction: This case involved the disputes between the first and second ranked companies in the dye chemical
Bridgestone (JP) VS Jianxin (CN): Design patent infringement lawsuit
  (Concerning indirect infringement of design patent) Introduction:The production of the important part of design product may constitute design infringement as well. Abstract: This case involves indirect infringement of design patent. The pat
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