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PPH Pilot Projects Using New Application Form from 2015
  The reporter learned recently from the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) that starting from January 1, 2015, applicants and patent attorneys would need to use the newly amended Application Form for Participating in Patent Prosecutio
China Opened Patent Information Resource of the Five Offices
  The State Intellectual Property Office held a press conference announcing its opening of patent information resource of the five offices of China, US, EU, Japan and Korea for free. This is the first platform which not only provides domestic
Beijing Intellectual Property Court Received 221 Cases since Establishment
  The first Intellectual Property Court in China- Beijing Intellectual Property Court was established on November 6, 2014, and it has received 221 cases by December 5, 2014 since its establishment, including a number of cases which attracted
China’s Patent Filings Significantly Lead over the Globe
  The technology innovation is a strategic force to improve social productivity and comprehensive national strength, and intellectual property can provide service to the technology innovation through the whole course. In recent years, China h
Announcement on Beijing Intellectual Property Court Taking Office
  According to the official reply of the Office of Central Institutional Organization Commission, the Beijing Intellectual Property Office has been founded. Relevant issues are hereby published as follows: 1.Beijing Intellectual Property Offi
Announcement on Seeking Opinions for Regulations on Preserving Methods of Biological Materials in Patent Procedure (Draft
  To further complete the preserving mechanism of biological materials used for patent procedure prescribed in the Patent Law and facilitate the technical innovation in the field of biotechnology and implementation of invention and creation,
List of Appointments of Beijing Intellectual Property Court
  The 14th meeting of the 14th Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress of Beijing appointed Mr. Su Chi as the President, committee member of the judicial committee and judge of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court through vote
Supreme Court Seeking for Opinions for the Judicial Interpretation on Cases of Granting and Affirming Trademark Right
  With the purpose of taking advices more widely from all sectors of society and completing the provisions of judicial interpretation, the Regulations of the Supreme Peoples Court on Several Issues Concerning Trials of Cases of Granting and A
State Grid Corporation of China Topped the September Ranking of Application for Utility Model
  According to the analysis of Ranking of Chinese Patent in September on Peoples Daily Online, the State Grid Corporation of China topped the Ranking of Application for Utility Model once more in September with 1,607 applications, leaving the
Announcement on Implementation of Automatic Electronic Exchange of Priority Documents
  Announcement on Implementation of Automatic Electronic Exchange of Priority Documents between P.R. China and United States of America Announcement of State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) No. 206 In order to facilitate the procedure of
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