Notable Points for the Use of Intellectual Property Rights and Contractual Agreements in Co-branding
  Haisheng LIU Lin Xia Attorney-at-Law Shanghai Wei Liu Law Firm In todays extremely rich material environment, many consumers choose goods not only based on simple cost performance to decide, but are willing to pay for creativity and brand v
Examination and Collection of Network Evidence
  Linda Liu Partners Foreword Network evidence refers to the information obtained from various network terminals. The network evidence, such as commonly used text messages, emails, real-time web pages as well as videos and pictures thereof in
IPR Protection Issues of Enterprises Relevant to Exhibitions
  Linda Liu Partners Foreword With the development of Chinas economy, exhibitions have developed rapidly as well. The Blue Book of Convention and Exhibition Economy of China showed that in 2011, as many as 7333 various large and small exhibit
Some Advice to European Companies on Intellectual Property Protection in China
  Linda Liu Partners Contrary to what many people had predicted, China didnt experience an economic slump after the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, but in general maintained rather steady growth; simultaneously, the Chinese government has made
Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  Linda Liu Partners Preface Customs protection of intellectual property rights refers to the protection implemented by the customs upon the exclusive rights to use the trademarks, copyrights and copyright-related rights, patent rights (herei
Civil Liability of Ceasing Infringement in IPR Litigation
  Linda Liu Partners Forward Civil litigation is a common tool for intellectual property owners fighting against infringement of their IP rights. Once a judgment has been made confirming infringement, the infringer should bear the relevant ci
Several Issues on Network Infringement
  Linda Liu Partners In the latter 20 th century, one of the greatest achievements of humans being is the success of internet. The network technology has brought great convenience for our lives. Meanwhile, it also led to many new forms of int
Brief Introduction on Declaratory Judgement Actions for Non-infringement of Intellectual Property
  Linda Liu Partners Generally, declaratory judgement actions for non-infringement of intellectual property are brought in cases that one party is threatened to infringe the patent right of another party although not yet filed a lawsuit, or t
Dispute Caused by Non-payment of Remuneration to the Employee Inventor
  Linda Liu Partners This case was initiated because an enterprise did not pay reasonable remuneration to the employee inventor. The analysis of this case outlines the rules for the determination of employee inventor, the standard for the imp
Key points on the infringement litigation of intellectual property
  Linda Liu Partners Legal Department Infringement litigation is a type of civil action taken by intellectual property right holders in order to judicially protect and maintain their rights and interests. Lawsuits involving infringement of in
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