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About Us

Linda Liu & Partners was founded by Dr. Linda LIU on August 18, 2003. It is an intellectual property agency registered at Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce which is approved by CNIPA and qualified for handling patent and trademark issues. Since our founding we have always adhered to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, quality guarantee, and being people-oriented, respecting our clients and solidifying all members of our firm, while guaranteeing the quality of work and ceaselessly improving the skills of our team members. Under the goal of “loyalty, unity, high quality, efficiency, self-development, and team work”, and with diligent effort of our team members, our firm has made outstanding achievements. Now the principles and the unique practice of Linda Liu & Partners have attracted wide attention from both home and abroad. 
Linda Liu & Partners has provided comprehensive intellectual property services to clients in Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries and areas of the world. The services provided include: patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, IP litigation, anti-counterfeit, evidence gathering of IP infringement, copyright, unfair competition, license contract for technology or trademark, , preservation of evidence for prior use right, search of patent documents, analysis of tracing investigation of trademark applications and other Intellectual property service. Therein, the quality of our services for patent prosecution and application of trademark registration, including both the quality in new applications and quality of office action response, receives high praise from our clients; in addition, our services on anti-counterfeit, litigation and negotiation with opposing parties also receive our clients’ applauses.
Our firm actively provides information concerning intellectual property laws in China for foreign intellectual property law firms. Our firm has published seven books and approximately 120 essays on intellectual property in Japan.
We actively communicate with foreign attorneys on intellectual property issues, and invite experts to China to hold seminars on intellectual property twice per year. Partners from Linda Liu & Partners have also published multiple articles on Chinese intellectual property law in prestigious journals in Japan, Europe and the United States, and held various seminars in many cities of Japan during the past years.
Based on the statistics of All-China Patent Attorneys Associations (ACPAA), we ranked as 19th among all foreign-related IP firms of China in 2006 and 2007, 16th in 2008, 13th in 2009, and 11th in 2013. Nowadays, Linda Liu & Partners is ranked as one of the Top 10 Foreign-related IP firms of China.
Our Belief
Since our foundation we have maintained the core belief of “serve our clients with integrity and provide the best legal services available”.
We are honest with our clients, and accept their cases after a careful analysis of their whole situation and an objective judgment of our own ability to meet their needs. When problem arises, we timely report the problem to our clients, and actively look for possible ways to solve the problem without cheating our clients.
Our firm delivers service with three characteristics -- high quality, a rapid response and reasonable prices. Periodically we investigate whether our clients are satisfied with these three characteristics and solicit their opinions in order to make adjustments to the way we deliver services.
In keeping with this belief, we constantly try to improve our firm and make full use of our resources, while also building internal skills and improving our internal management process, in order to provide honest and high quality legal services to our clients.
1. Quality of Our Legal Services
Intellectual Property practice is a technical and precise area of law, demanding very high quality from practitioners. To ensure high quality, Linda Liu & Partners employs a strict quality review process. Documents are reviewed several times before being released by different, experienced individuals within our firm, in order to ensure a high quality product.
Linda Liu & Partners also utilizes a comprehensive electronic administration system for document and case management, which facilitates in providing a high quality product for our clients.
2. Teamwork and Comprehensive Approach to Our Client’s Needs
Besides the individual capability of the practitioners, teamwork is also essential in intellectual property practice and relates to the interests of our clients. To address the broad scope of intellectual property issues our clients face, Linda Liu & Partners organizes special and experienced teams so as to review clients’ needs and enhance the winning rate. The “client’s team” considers litigation issues, anti-counterfeiting issues, review issues, invalidation issues, and delivers expert opinions. We have achieved excellent results with this comprehensive, team-based approach to legal services for our clients, for which many clients sent us thanks letters to express their appreciation...
3. Clients Are Everything
Another belief Linda Liu & Partners has is that “clients are everything”. Linda Liu & Partners zealously advocates the interest of our clients. We actively work with our clients on intellectual property strategy and practice, assisting foreign companies in China with intellectual property management issues they face, and seek to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs. Once we understand our clients’ goals, we make full use of our knowledge and experience to provide accurate and timely advice with added values, so as to achieve win-win and co-development of both our clients and our firm.
4. Integrated Organization of Our Firm
To date, Linda Liu & Partners has 28 partners, and partner candidate. These partners form a strong core in our firm, providing leadership to the staff. We also have over 30 group leaders in various departments to support the strong core of partners as a team. Our group leaders bring wisdom, work, and life experience to the firm. This structure of our management team ensures the continuous future growth and development of Linda Liu & Partners.
Group leaders focus on both business quality and workflow management in serving our clients, ensuring the professionals at the firm maintain strict service quality, while strictly supervising the timely delivery of services to our clients. Focusing on both aspects guarantees the timely delivery of quality services to meet our clients’ needs.
5. Cultivating Talent in Our Team Members
From the early days of Linda Liu & Partners, we have always believed in cultivating the talent in our team members. “Honesty and trustworthiness, loyalty, unity, high quality, efficiency, skills-development and team work” is the goal for each member of the staff. We are loyal to our staff, and in return expect our staff to be loyal to our firm and our clients by providing high quality and efficient legal services. We also expect our staff to have a strong individual ability and a strong spirit of teamwork. Members of the firm receive regular training to keep their skills update, and many have become keystones in our firm: they are energetic, hardworking, and virtuous, dedicating themselves to the firm and clients and sharing happiness and sorrow with Linda Liu & Partners. We hold a strong belief that they are our firm’s future.
6. Our Firm Culture
Great attention has been paid to our team members’ business communications, dress, manners, social skills, and the cultivation of their moral and cultural sensitivity. We believe that being a good person is critical to being a good attorney; that one must be a good attorney to be a great contributor in the intellectual property legal field.
7. Relationship in the Chinese Legal Community
Our firm maintains close contact with other attorneys in the Chinese legal community. We know that competitive relation exists between different Chinese firms, but we still holds the belief that: we are happy for the growth of other firms; while safeguarding our trade secret, we draw lessons from their developments, and make contributions to the development of other firms and the entire Chinese IP field when necessary. We firmly believe that only when the entire Chinese IP field develops, can the boat of Linda Liu & Partners ride the waves and march forward courageously. Therefore, we always get on well with other firms, and spread our operation philosophy and cultural concept to the colleagues of IP field.
8. Communications with government, Universities, and Research Institutions
Linda Liu & Partners, as a member of Chinese IP field, spares no effort to participate in communications with Chinese administrative departments and IP academic community, and devotes itself into the development of programs for public good. Meantime, we actively participate in the amendments of IP laws and regulations and attend professional activities of associations of attorneys and responsible institutions. Moreover, to promote international relations, we often invite renowned foreign intellectual property professionals and scholars to Chinese administrative departments and universities, so the Chinese intellectual property community can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.
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