The Confidentiality Review of Chinese Patent Application
  Welcome to Linda Liu Partners on the air. This is Peter Zhang. Chinas Patent Law stipulates that any entity or individual applying for a patent in a foreign country for an invention or utility model completed in China shall request the CNIP
Noteworthy Points in the Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law 2023
  Hello everyone, welcome to the special program of Linda Liu IP Course. I`m Wang Meng, a Chinese lawyer in Linda Liu Group. Recently, the new Rules for the Implementation of Patent Law (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) has been approved
The Grace Period for Novelty in Chinese Patent Law
  The Chinese Patent Law, specifically Article 24, prescribes that an invention-creation for which a patent is applied does not lose its novelty where, within six months before the date of filing, one of the following events occurred: (1) whe
By the End of 2022, How Many Patent Attorneys Are in China?
  Voice: Mavis WANG Project Administrator At the end of 2022, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released the Evaluation Report on the 2022 China Intellectual Property Development Status (hereinafter referred to as
Estoppel Doctrine in China's Patent System
  When I was participating in a webinar as a speaker recently, a listener asked me, is there Estoppel in China? I think this question is representative, so I have summarized this short article to introduce the estoppel doctrine in China. In C
Ways to Amend the Claims in the Patent Invalidation Proceedings
  When a patentee responds to the challenge in the patent invalidation proceedings in China, sometimes it is necessary to amend the claims in order to obtain a decision from the CNIPA to maintain the validity of the patent right. The Patent E
Patent Right Evaluation Report in China’s Patent System
  Chinas Patent Law stipulates that where a patent infringement dispute involves a utility model patent or a design patent, the peoples court or the relevant administrative department may require the patentee or the interested parties to subm
How to Write a Technical Disclosure for Patent Drafting
  Inventors technical disclosure is very important as it serves as the basis for the patent attorneys communication with the inventor. The technical disclosure should contain the following contents, technical background, purpose of the invent
Donation (Disclosure-Dedication) Doctrine in China’s Patent Litigation
  When construing the patent claims to determine patent infringement in China, the principle of equivalence will be applied, that is, the protection scope of a patent right is not only determined by the technical features recorded in the clai
Hit by the lawsuit against WIPO domain name dispute decision in China? Respond actively! (UPDATED)
  Bo Xing Attorney-at-Law Beijing Wei Chixue Law Firm For domain name disputes, applying to WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center for arbitration is a way that many foreign right holders are willing to choose because of its fast speed and low
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