Leveraging Chinese patent practice for strategic patent procurement
  Derrick GU Patent Engineer Welcome to LindaLiu Partner on air. Im Derrick. Today my topic is about Leveraging Chinese Patent Practice for Strategic Patent Procurement. Strategic patent portfolio management requires a portfolio manager to ex
Be Well Prepared before Sending a Warning Letter in China
  Voice: Mavis WANG Project Administrator This is Linda Liu Partners on air. Welcome back. Today, lets talk about sending warning letters for possible patent infringement If you believe that someone is infringing your patent right in China, y
Microorganism Patents in China
  He LIU Patent Attorney Chemistry Biotechnology Department The term microorganism encompasses entities across the taxonomic classes including bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and algae. According to current Chinese patent r
The Benefits of Patent Filing in China
  Voice:Lucy GE Project Administrator Welcome to Linda Liu on air! This is Lucy. China is one of the largest markets and has the most active consumer groups. As its population of middle-class is increasing and the society is stable, China is
Software Copyright Registration in China
  Voice: Crystal DOU Project Administrator Hello everyone, welcome to Linda Liu Partners on air! Today I am going to introduce software copyright registration in China. Software copyright registration, as a certificate of software copyright o
Patent Marking in China
  Voice: Mavis WANG Project Administrator Hello everyone, welcome to Linda Liu on air. This is Mavis. Today Id like to talk about the Patent Marking in China. [Take-Away] Chinas regulations on patent marking mainly stipulate how to mark corre
Cross-Border Patent Assignment--How Can Foreigners Obtain Patent Assignments from Chinese Patentees?
  Peter (Baoyu) ZHANG Partner Patent Attorney Hi everyone. Welcome to Linda Liu on air. This is Peter Zhang. Today, Id like to discuss how to fulfill a cross-border patent assignment in compliance with Chinese law, specifically in the scenari
Eligibility of Chinese Patent Applications in the Field of Algorithms(software)
  Wendy ZHANG Junior Partner Group Leader of Electrical Engineering Department(DivisionⅡ) Chinese Patent Attorney Hello everyone, this is Chinese patent attorney Wendy Zhang. Todays topic is the Eligibility of Chinese Patent Applications in
Excess Claim Fee for Foreign Patent Applications Entering China
  Fei Shan Chemistry & Biotechnology Department Patent Attorney Welcome to Linda Liu & Partners on air. This is Fei Shan Today, let’s talk about how to avoid or reduce the excess claim fee for patent application in China. A foreign patent appl
The Timings for Making Voluntary Amendments
  Phil (Boyang) Yu Chinese Patent Engineer Registered U.S. EIT Mechanical Engineer Patent Engineer of Mechanical Engineering Department, Patent Engineer of US/EP Group Welcome to Linda Liu and Partners on air! I am Phil YU. With the rapid dev
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