The Application and Examination of Slogan Trademarks
  Nancy GENG Trademark Attorney Linda Liu Partners In the sale and promotion of goods, besides the trademark which we are familiar with in the noticeable place on the package, product catalogue and other advertising materials, have you ever n
Legal analysis of prior rights against trademark right prescribed in the Article 31 of China Trademark Law
  Trademark Department Linda Liu Partners I. Introduction Article 31 of China Trademark Law stipulates: An application for the registration of a trademark shall not create any prejudice to the prior right of another person, nor unfair means b
How to Determine Similarity of Goods/Trademarks --A Brief Analysis on the Policy Orientation Reflected from the Opinions
  Trademark Department Linda Liu Partners Since the revision of Trademark Law in 2001, the decisions in relation to grant and confirmation of trademark right made by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of State Administration for Indu
A Brief Review on the Protection of Well-known Trademarks in China
  Linda Liu Partners Intellectual property protection has been a hot issue in recent years. Many local governments in China have been calling for their local enterprises to establish an intellectual property strategy and place intellectual pr
Analysis and Application of The First Paragraph of Article 41 of China Trademark Law
  Sophia XIAO Trademark Attorney Linda Liu Partners Article 41 of Chinese Trademark Law is the legal basis to solve trademark disputes. This article mainly introduces the rejection on retrial application concerning the administrative dispute
Judicial Determination of Well-known Trademarks
  Linda Liu Partners Introduction In China, establishing a well-known trademark is the ultimate honor for a corporate brand. Such prestige may increase the marks effectiveness and create broader protection. Therefore, many Chinese companies a
Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case with respect to Trademark “梅兰日兰”
  Linda Liu Partners This case is related to an intellectual property case with respect to the infringement of registered trademark right and unfair competition. Through the analysis of this case, we can learn about the standard of judgment w
Comments on Article 41 of the Current China Trademark Law
  Nancy GENG Linda Liu Partners Article 41 of the current China Trademark Law defines the cancellation of improper registrations of the trademark, disputes and responses thereof. This article consists of four sections, the former three of whi
The Solving Trend of the Overstock of Trademark Cases in China
  Linda Liu Partners It is revealed by the statistics published by China Trademark Office that the trademark registration applications increase greatly in successive years. The average annual growth is about 100,000 from 2002 to 2007. The tot
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