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LLP, AIPEX and Jiangsu Province Successfully Co-held “Training Seminar” for 1,000 attendees

Together with Jiangsu Intellectual Property Bureau of China and AIPEX Group of Europe (hereinafter referred to as AIPEX), we held training seminars on European IP Practice and Drafting and Mining of Chinese Invention Patent in Wuxi City, Suzhou City and Nantong City of Jiangsu Province of China from March 11 – 13, 2015.

The training seminar tour was strongly supported by leaders at different levels from Intellectual Property Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Intellectual Property Office of Wuxi City, Intellectual Property Office of Suzhou City, Suzhou Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau, Suzhou Dushu Lake Library, Intellectual Property Bureau of Nantong City and Nantong Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau. Altogether more than 1,000 attendees from enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleagues and universities and Intellectual Property agencies of the three cities presented at the seminars. Lecturers for the training seminars include senior patent attorneys of Linda Liu & Partners, Mr. Peter ZHANG and Mr. Tengfei SHI ex-examiners of SIPO for many years, and highly experienced experts from AIPEX, including Dr. Bernhard Pfleiderer (Germany), Dr. Ian Lambert (UK), Mr. Arie Blokland (the Netherlands) and Ms. Anne Laarman (the Netherlands). The highly targeted training seminars covered many practical topics, including application and protection of patent, design and trademark in Europe, IP risk and solution of Chinese enterprises when entering the European market, mining method of Chinese invention patent, and methods of drafting of technical disclosure. The experts had warm interactions with the attendees, and discussed many question with great depth and high level; the rich information of their lectures and vivid and interesting ways of lecturing received unanimous praise from the attendees.

Pictures of the training seminars in three cities

(Opening of the Training Seminars)


(Mr. Peter ZHANG, Patent Attorney in mechanical and electrical fields, Linda Liu & Partners. He was an ex-examiner in the Patent Office and the Patent Re-examination Board of China for 11 years)

(Mr. Tengfei SHI, Patent Attorney in chemical field, Linda Liu & Partners. He was an ex-examiner in the Patent Office for 10 years)


(Experts from AIPEX)


(Scene play: On-the-spot demonstration of how to investigate and treat patent-infringing exhibits in European exhibitions)


(First Spot: Seminar in Wuxi City)

(Second Stop: Seminar in Suzhou City)


 (Third Stop: Seminar in Nantong City)

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