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Lead: when a design patent is cited as evidence prejudicing the inventiveness of a patent for creation-invention, the disclosure of the drawings of the design patent should be deter...
I. Case Summary 1. Basic facts The applicant China Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Railway) is a mega corporate group owned by central governme...
How to calculate damages in IP litigation in China

People used to believe that China is not a country where intellectual property right can be enforced. This notion originated from the fact that the amount of compensation for infringement in China was much lower than that in the developed countries. However, recent cases ruled by Chinese courts have started to change this stereotype, showing the strong determination of Chinese government to protect intellectual property right, encourage innovation, and maintain fair competition order.

Last year, our firm successfully represented a design patent infringement case, and won the compensation of RMB 3.2 million, which has become the highest compensation ever ruled for design cases by the courts of Beijing, and has been selected as Top 10 IP Cases of Year 2016 in China by the Supreme Court this year. Ms. Sai CHEN, attorney at law, partner of the firm, wrote to explain how IP owners can win high damages before Chinese courts. For the detailed information, please refer to the below link.


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