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Art of Eloquence, Show for Talents---Congratulations on the success of the first debate competition of Linda Liu & Partners The first debate competition of Linda Liu & Partners was held on August 8th, 2018. The debate took nearly a month in total

The first debate competition of Linda Liu & Partners was held on August 8th, 2018. The debate took nearly a month in total 4 rounds, 11 games with participants from 9 major departments. Electrical Engineering Department and the team made up of Business Management Department and Legal Patent Department finally ran to the final. Outside the window it was raining heavily, while inside the room it was heated for the debaters’ fireworks. The atmosphere was extremely lively and exciting at a time!
The final of the debate mainly focused on the topic, which is, from the perspective of encouraging innovation at the current stage of the country, whether the advantages of the application of a large number of utility model patents outweigh its disadvantages? This topic is a cogitative question which is closely related to the service of the firm. What’s more, the first three rounds of the debate are also very exciting. There are discussions close to daily life like “whether we should make the looks the top priority when seeking lover”, “whom we should marry with, the person who loves us or the person we love?”, and imaginative questions like “if aliens attack the earth, would you prefer your partner to be a superhero or an ordinary person”, etc.. There were sparks of idea from debaters and in-depth thought and applause from the audience, which made a fierce and successful debate.
The final was also filled with highlights. The affirmative side claimed that under the current tendency of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the application of utility model patents can raise the awareness of intellectual property protection and promote innovation for those small and medium-sized enterprises to ensure their normal and steady business operation. The opposite side pointed out that due to the low threshold of utility model patent application, a large number of junk patents has come into being, which not only causes waste of social resources, but also seriously threatens the main body of innovation, affects social morality and destroys national credibility. In the free debate session, the two sides launched a fierce confrontation on the definition of “junk patents”. The opposite side questioned whether large amount of junk patents would waste resources and disturb market. The affirmative side calmly responded that the contribution rate of small and micro businesses exceeds 65%. Utility model patents can fully protect their interests and provide opportunities to participate in market competition. In general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Some debaters from the opposite side even shared their own experience as former patent examiner to support their opinions. 
After the intense competition, the winner went to Electrical Engineering Department, and the runner-up went to the team made up of Business Management Department and Legal Patent Department. The Chairman of Board Mr. Chixue WEI gave the prize to the first two teams as well as his opinions on the debated topic. He said that patent protection is a policy at the state level. We need to remove systematic bubble and encourage inventions that are truly practical and valuable. This is also an urgent problem remained to be solved.
This August marks the 15th anniversary for Linda Liu & Partners. The celebration officially kicked off with this vibrant debate competition. It’s a feast of art of eloquence and show for talents, which demonstrates the diligence and teamwork of the whole member of Linda Liu & Partners who will stay true to the mission and continue to provide high quality services to clients!
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