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Marching with Lofty Aspirations and Grateful Heart—2018 Summing-up and 2019 Annual Party of Linda Liu & Partners

The days glide swiftly along. In this joyful holiday season to ring in the New Year of 2019, 2018 Summing-up and 2019 Annual Party of Linda Liu & Partners was held as scheduled on January 18, 2019. All members of Linda Liu & Partners coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Dalian gathered together.
Firstly, Ms. Linda Liu, the president, came to the stage and delivered the New Year’s address. Linda reviewed the firm's 15-year development history and recognized the brilliant achievements made in 2018. The development and progress Linda Liu & Partners has made are inseparable from the support and efforts of all people. In the future, Linda will also march with all people hand in hand to accomplish our historical mission, and not let down the country, the time and our own lives.
Linda Liu & Partners endured setbacks and failures in its pioneering stage and finally embraced its prosperous season. Mr. Wei, the firm's treasure, has made significant contributions to the development of Linda Liu & Partners. Many decisive decisions made by Mr. Wei have been proved to be strategical and farsighted. As the proposer and follower of the firm principal of “Honesty”, Mr. Wei made an objective reporting on the firm’s performance meanwhile acknowledged the problems openly.
Later, the award ceremony was kicked off. The Outstanding Employee Award, the 10-Year-Old Employee Award, the Outstanding Case Award were released and the list of newly promoted partners was announced. Linda encouraged the award-winning employees to continue to work hard and keep up the good spirit in the New Year.
The next party session has pushed the meeting to a new high. All the patent and trademark attorneys and lawyers who are immersed in cases in work days showed their hidden talents. Whether in the Chinese ancient dance and song that was full of traditional oriental charms, or the exciting western classic performance, or the hilarious Chinese-style comic dialogue and short sketch, or the creative show that displayed cultural connotation of Linda Liu & Partners, everyone showed their talents, enthusiasm and vitality.

In the end the final banquet began. All the colleagues toasted each other and exchanged ideas and thoughts about the future. Along with passion and challenge, Linda Liu & Partners has opened a new chapter at the beginning of the New Year.
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