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Linda Liu & Partners Co-hosted a Sino-US IP Seminar with Fish & Richardson P.C.

On August 15, on the occasion of Linda Liu & Partners’ 20th anniversary, with the full support of the Capital Intellectual Property Service Association, Linda Liu & Partners co-hosted a Sino-US Intellectual Property Seminar with Fish & Richardson P.C.
As Chinese enterprises expand their businesses abroad more rapidly and on a larger scale, coupled with an increasingly complex international environment, how to protect their patents and trade secrets in the United States and how to defend against competitors’ litigation claims has gradually become a hot issue for Chinese enterprises. The fourth revision of the Patent Law and the introduction of the punitive damages system in China are of great significance to protect the legitimate rights and interests of right holders, severely crack down on intentional patent infringement, and fundamentally stimulate scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, the methods and strategies of proof for punitive damages in intellectual property infringement disputes have also attracted much attention from enterprises. The seminar focused on these hot topics and aimed to help Chinese enterprises improve their ability to deal with related intellectual property disputes and risks.
Fish & Richardson P.C. is a leading global intellectual property law firm, renowned for its expertise in patent litigation, with offices all over the globe. Fish & Richardson has sent a number of heavyweight lecturers this time. Mr. Bowen YU, attorney-at-law, who also delivered a lecture at the seminar, is from Beijing Wei Chixue Law Firm. Beijing Wei Chixue Law Firm, formerly the Legal Department of Linda Liu & Partners, benefits from its positioning of specialization in intellectual property and close cooperation with Linda Liu & Partners, is strong and with rich experience in legal issues in intellectual property and dispute resolution, and has won the trust and praise of many clients at home and abroad.
In the first half of the seminar, Carl Bruce, Principal at Fish & Richardson, introduced the discovery system in U.S. patent litigation cases. Later on, the Principals Adam Kessel and Jeffrey Shneidman shed light on the topic of trade secret litigation in the United States, combined with pertinent case studies. In the second half, Mr. Bowen YU of Wei Chixue Law Firm took over the baton and introduced in detail the methods and strategies of proof for punitive damages in intellectual property infringement disputes in China. Through case studies, the lecturers clearly explained the obscure laws and difficulties in practice to the IP in-house counsels. The lecture was informative but straightforward to understand, and full of substantial contents, which attracted many “going abroad” enterprises to participate in the seminar.
The three-hour lectures were still unsatisfactory. During the break, the participants also consulted and asked questions to the lecturers, and the lawyers also answered everyone’s questions one by one. Finally, the seminar was successfully concluded and was highly recognized by the participating enterprises.

Linda Liu & Partners will continue to focus on the intellectual property industry in the future, and assist global enterprises with their R&D and intellectual property protection. At the same time, we also look forward to meeting with more friends at home and abroad, and getting to know more new friends!

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