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Dream Big, Stay Grateful, and Forge Ahead! — Linda Liu & Partners Held the 20th Anniversary Celebration

Twenty years of progressing through in wind and rain, twenty years of vigorous growth, and twenty years of working together have composed a brilliant chapter.
Under the joint efforts and witness of Linda Liu people, in August 2023, Linda Liu & Partners embraced its 20th birthday. On this special occasion, Linda Liu’s members from all over the country traveled from Shanghai, Suzhou and Dalian to Beijing, and held a grand 20th anniversary celebration at the Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel. After three years, 360 members gathered again to celebrate the firm’s birthday.

The celebration was composed of two parts, firm leaders’ speeches and a dinner party.
The founder and President, Ms. Linda LIU, personally attended the event to answer everyone’s questions. Linda shared many stories and feelings over the past two decades, from the difficulties at the beginning of establishing the firm, to the protection and care she received to overcome the difficulties and get on the right track; from the sympathy when meeting like-minded friends, to the sincerity when getting along with colleagues; from how to treat a job to how to become a warm and powerful person. Linda didn't just spend time with the team reflecting on the past; she also brought them into the future, where she outlined their role in the firm's long-term plans for growth, and encouraged them to work together with enthusiasm and continue to strive to build a first-class high-quality firm. Attendees listened intently, felt the weight of history, and looked forward to the bright future.
Subsequently, Mr. Chixue WEI, the leader and captain of the firm’s development, made a summary speech on the work of Linda Liu & Partners, reviewed the 20-year history of the firm’s development, and introduced the current status of the firm in an all-round way from many aspects including operation and management system, client portfolios, work during the epidemic, talent training plan and future development plan. Mr. Wei emphasized the service concept of Linda Liu & Partners: honesty and trustworthiness, team work, high transparency, efficiency improvement, and required everyone to stay true to the original aim in development. Through Mr. Wei’s speech, everyone had a deeper understanding of the firm’s long-term goals and development strategy.

At the dinner party of the celebration, each department presented brilliant performances, which was relished by all attendees while they dined. Novel and playful bed sheet dances, soulful poetry readings, ingenious adapted songs, fresh and romantic fluorescent hand dances, and humorous and funny videos of celebration and wishes, presented a feast for eyes and ears. After the performance session, many colleagues who had not fully enjoyed themselves sang songs on stage, pushing the atmosphere of the dinner party to a climax.

As a classic session of birthday celebration, the birthday cake on August 18 brought the celebration to a sweet and perfect end. Under the cake tower surrounded by the sea of flowers, the colleagues shared this joy together and looked forward to the next better twenty years. At this point, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Linda Liu & Partners slowly came to an end. Although the event has ended, the pace of progress of Linda Liu & Partners will never stop. Bidding farewell to the beautiful teenage time, Linda Liu & Partners has become a youth, full of vitality and dreams.

We look forward to more good times together in the future.
Let us meet again on our 30th birthday!

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