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The seminar on IP and technology transfer organized by JETRO, IPG Licensing and Distribution Committee and Office of Technology Transfer at Tsinghua University has been successfully concluded

Recently, Linda Liu & Partners, entrusted by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Licensing and Distribution Committee of Intellectual Property Group in China (China IPG), held a seminar by inviting the specialists from Intellectual Property department, Office of Technology Transfer at Tsinghua University. The seminar was held at our office, and delved into the practice of IP and technology transfer in a welcoming atmosphere.
The guests of this seminar were three specialists from the IP Department, Office of Technology Transfer at Tsinghua University, the head of the IP Department of the JETRO, and representatives of Japanese enterprises from the China IPG Licensing and Distribution Committee. Our firm’s president, Mr. Chixue Wei, and acting president Mr. Maojia Li, attended the seminar. Attorneys Mr. Junshun Wang and Ms. Fenfang Zhang acted as the moderator and Japanese interpreter of the seminar respectively.
In this seminar, Mr. Chixue Wei delivered the opening remarks, extending a warm welcome to the guests, and making a vivid introduction to his 50-year working experience in IP profession. Later on, Mr. Yoshitaka Ota from the JETRO provided an overview of the JETRO’s and China IPG’s main activities, and then Mr. Kyosuke Shigeka, head of the IPG Licensing and Distribution Committee also gave a comprehensive introduction outlining the background and contents of the activities of the Committee. In the formal exchange session, specialists from Tsinghua University made an informative introduction to the practice of IP and technology transfer from two parts, work progress and service improvement initiatives. In the last Q&A session, participants exchanged their views on topics of transformation and utilization of IP in China and Japan. The seminar was successfully concluded amidst a harmonious atmosphere, garnering enthusiastic responses and receiving widespread recognition from the attendees.
Founded in 2003, Linda Liu & Partners has been rooted in the field of intellectual property for past 20 years. Thanks to the support and trust from our clients, we will continue to follow the guideline, "Honesty and Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Unity, High Quality, Efficiency, Skills-Development and Team Work", and will endeavor to provide high-quality intellectual property services to clients at home and abroad.
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