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New Interfaces in Five Languages: Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Russian, were Added to the China Patent Inquiry System

The reporter learned from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) that the China Patent Inquiry System (CPIS) added new interfaces in five languages: Japanese, Korean, German, French and Russian, after the launch of Chinese, English and Spanish interfaces. The new interfaces were officially opened on the World Intellectual Property Day of April 26. So far, all the interfaces in eight languages of the CPIS were already up and running. Basically, it covers the languages used by the main innovators of the global advanced technology as well as the countries and areas which have relatively large number of patent filings in China.

It is learned that the CPIS was equipped with rich and complete basic patent application information and examination information. The CPIS was designed and developed by the SIPO independently in order to further promote the spread and share of the patent information and examination information, so as to improve the whole society’s independent innovation ability. The system drew wide attention and received favorable comments from users both at home and abroad since its launch from April 27, 2012. The number of visitors and registered users both increased rapidly. Meanwhile, the SIPO continued improving the system function and launched interfaces in a number of languages in succession, which further satisfies the users’ needs and also plays a positive role in enhancing the influence of SIPO in the examination and grant of patents.

It is introduced that among the government public service websites of intellectual property, the CPIS has advantages in the aspects of building speed, numbers of languages, service scope and accuracy, and comprehensiveness, etc. Later, the SIPO will also collect user feedbacks with respect to the system and continue perfecting the inquiry methods, contents, and the rights management, etc. in order to further improve the service level of patent examination and grant to the society.

Source: State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China

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