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Using AI to Examine Trademarks Official Launch of the AI Design Trademark Search Tool

On January 25th, the trademark design search tool has been officially launched, which is another progress of trademark informatization after taking measures of online trademark service system and opening free access of trademark data to the public. This marks a new starting point of transition from automation to intellectualization of trademark examination in China.
In order to solve the problem of low intellectualization and high work intensity of examiners in China's design trademark examination, and to improve both examination efficiency and quality, China Trademark Office has actively explored the application of artificial intelligence technology in trademark examination. Since the establishment of the design search working group in April 2016, several special surveys have been organized. In July 2018, with the great support of Beijing Huazhi Jingwei Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yitu Co., Ltd. and Tennent Holding Limited, the trademark intelligent search function has been tried in 6 trademark examination and cooperation centers, and the expected effect has been achieved through large-scale test.  
The application of intelligent search technology has realized the transformation of the trademark examination work from pure manual search to search by design intelligent search, which has effectively avoided the problem of different standards of artificial judgment. By greatly reducing the number of similar trademark comparisons, the examination of productivity was liberated, and the number of views was reduced from tens of thousands to about 5,000.
Up to now, in the five member countries of the trademark five (China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea), China has explored actively and taken advantage of the data, surpassed others in realizing the application of the design intelligent search function in the examination practice, and found an unique way that suits China's nearly 35 million trademark data, The shift from the leader in the number of trademarks to the role of intelligent examination standard maker will significantly enhance speaking power in international cooperation.
As a next step, the Trademark Office will continue to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology to trademark examination, expand the application scope of new technologies such as artificial intelligence in the trademark field, strengthen the construction of information technology, further enhance the quality and efficiency of trademark examination, and continuously improve the service level of trademarks to the public.
Date: January 31, 2019
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