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“YIJUNDUO” Being Sued, for Infringement against Trademark Right and Exclusive Package and Decoration of Famous Mercha
  Guide Recently, as attorney of YAKULT HONSHA CO., LTD, Linda Liu has successfully maintained lawful rights and interests of the obligee in the case of trademark infringement and malfeasant competition of YIJUNDUO. Shanghai Intellectual Prop
Sewing Machine Giant, Represented by Linda Liu & Partners, Awarded One Million Yuan in Damages, the Highest Statutory
  Days before, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court concluded a patent infringement case in which Linda Liu Partners represented the plaintiff, Brother Industries, Ltd. The court decision held that the defendant, a mechanical and electric
Interpretation of Filing of PCT-PPH Requests When There Is Any Observation Made in Box VIII of WO/ISA, WO/IPEA or IPER
  In response to applicants needs and to further provide high quality and efficient services to PPH users, SIPO decides after discussion to revise the provision that if any observation is made in Box VIII of WO/ISA, WO/IPEA or IPER which the
Trademark Office of AIC Released the Number of Trademark Applications and Registrations of Each Province and Area in 2016
  Guangdong Province, Beijing, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai and Jiangsu Province are leading in the number of trademark applications Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry Commerce (AIC) released the statistics of trademark appl
This Year Has Surpassed 2015 in the Number of Cases Accepted and Concluded by Beijing IP Court
  The numbers of cases of various types accepted and concluded by Beijing Intellectual Property Court have totaled 9,196 and 5,739, respectively, until November 17, 2016, surpassing those of the entire 2015, i.e. 9,191 and 5,432. Of the accep
Continuous Improvement on the Quality and Quantity of Utility Models in China in Recent Years
  It is known that the application numbers of utility models in China is dramatically increasing in recent years. The numbers of utility model applications in Year 2011 was 585,527. The numbers of utility model application in Year 2015 reache
China Ranks First in Microorganism Patents
  The World Data Center for Microorganisms (WDCM) and the Center for Microbial Resources and Big Data of the Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Science (IMCAS) jointly released the 2016 Microbial Resource Development Report for C
Top 10 Cases of Patent Reexamination & Invalidation in 2015
  April 26 is the World Intellectual Property Day. On this day, the Patent Reexamination Board of the State Intellectual Property Office released Chinas top 10 cases of patent reexamination invalidation in 2015. Among those cases, the second
Notification on Instant Publication of Decisions on Invalidation Cases by the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO
  In order to further solve the prominent problem of the lengthy cycle of patent enforcement, achieve rapid transition between patent affirmation and infringement cases, and improve the timeliness of information publication, the Patent Reexam
Top 10 Typical IP Cases of Beijing Court in 2015
  Case 1 QIONG Yao versus YU Zheng for Copyright Infringement Plaintiff: CHEN Zhe (pseudonym: QIONG Yao) Defendant: YU Zheng(余征) (pseudonym: YU Zheng (于正) Hunan JING SHI Culture Broadcast Co., Ltd. Dongyang HUAN YU Media Culture Co.,
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