Brief Introduction on Application of GUI-Related Invention Patents in China
  Lei ZHOU, Peter ZHANG Chinese Patent Attorneys Linda Liu Partners I. Introduction In China, generally, applicants can obtain patent protection for technical solutions related to graphical user interfaces (GUI) in two ways: design patents an
Updates on Utility Model Applications in China
  Manyi SONG Hongjie YUE Chinese Patent Attorneys Linda Liu Partners 1. Data from January to November, 2015 According to the data of SIPO Patent Application and Management Monthly Statistics ( ), China accept
Brief Introduction of Chinese Patent Practice in Chemical Field
  Tengfei SHI Yu BAI Chinese patent attorney Chemistry department Linda LIU Partners I. Unpatentable Subject Matters in Chemical and Biological Fields 1. Article 2 of the Chinese Patent Law: For the purposes of this Law, invention-creations m
How to Apply for Game Software Patents in China
  Guangping ZHANG Chinese Patent Attorney Electrical Engineering Department Linda Liu Partners As shown in Video Games and IP: A Global Perspective , a report released by WIPO in 2014, game industry has grown into a global industry worth US$6
Latest Changes on the Application of Design Patent with GUI
  Xue WANG Patent Attorney of Design Patent Mechanical Engineering Department Linda Liu Partners Starting from May 1, 2014, graphical user interface (GUI) has been able to acquire protection of design patent in China. The protection of GUI, w
Patent Applications relating to Computer Programs
  Tao CHEN Fanghua ZHOU Chinese Patent Attorney Electronic Engineering Department Linda Liu Partners In China, a special type of patent applications exists in the electronic field, i.e., invention applications relating to computer programs. T
Restriction of Examinations Ex Officio in Patent Reexamination — Analysis on the Rejected Application for Retrial of th
  Peter ZHANG Patent Attorney Linda Liu Partners [Foreword] Chapter 1, Part IV of the Guidelines for Patent Examination lists several principles for the examination of the Patent Reexamination Board, including the principle of conducting exam
Amendment to the Numerical Range in the Claim — Analysis of Invalidation Decision No. 4W101965 made by the Reexaminati
  Peter ZHANG PATENT ATTORNEY LINDA LIU PARTNERS I. Introduction The collegial panel announced the patent No.ZL02158707.8 for the invention named R-Fe-B Sintered magnet containing micro oxygen and its manufacturing method (hereafter referred
An Analysis of Qualifying as a Petitioner for Invalidation
  Tengfei SHI Chinese Patent Attorney Chemistry Biotechnology Department Linda Liu Partners I. Basic Information of the Case Title of the Invention: Bacterial Cellulose Gel Face Pack Patent Number: 200610075040.8 Filing Date: March 29, 2006 D
Can Examiner be Changed in the Divisional Application?
  Peter ZHANG PATENT ATTORNEY LINDA LIU PARTNERS In Chinas patent practice, usually there are two circumstances involving divisional application. The first circumstance is that when the examiner points out the claims lack unity in the Office
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