What is Insufficient Disclosure and How to Avoid This Defect
  Huihua ZHANG Patent Attorney, Vice President Linda Liu Partners Article 26.3 of the Chinese Patent Law prescribes that the description shall set forth the invention or utility model in a manner sufficiently clear and complete so as to enabl
Sanyo Succeeded in an Litigation Case against an Administrative Decision Made by TRAB
  Linda Liu Partners This time we would like to introduce you an interesting case of Sanyo Electrical Co., Ltd.. In the case, Sanyo brought an legal action against the review decision on opposition made by the Trademark Review and Adjudicatio
228 Newly Recognized Well-known Trademarks in China
  Linda Liu Partners On March 25, 2008, 228 newly recognized well-known trademarks were announced on the website of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China. Among the 228 well-known trademarks, 18 a
A Brief Introduction to the Primary Points to be Considered When Filing Opposition Based on Article 31 of Trademark Law
  Sophia XIAO Trademark Attorney Linda Liu Partners As peoples awareness of trademark law is rising year after year, more and more trademark oppositions are filed as an efficient instrument to defend their own rights. It is reported that the
Case Studies in Chinese Intellectual Property Protection
  Legal Department Linda Liu Partners Preface China has taken an important place in intellectual property protection since its entry into WTO. Especially with the improvement of the protection system for intellectual property and the perfecti
Current Status of Intellectual Property in China
  President Linda Liu Linda Liu Partners In 2001, China experienced the second amendment of Patent Law and its Rules and Regulations for Implementation to provide more meaningful protection of intellectual property rights in China. Like many
Introduction, Analysis and Revelation regarding Infringement Lawsuit about “INK CARTRIDGE”
  Linda Liu Partners Preface In recent years, along with the increase of infringement lawsuits involved with patents, it has become more important to acquire rights that are capable of being effectively enforced. The present article is writte
Latest Development about Examination of Amendment Scope
  Linda Liu Partners As regards the addition of new matters, it is apparent from the Office Actions we have received over the past one year that the SIPO is currently applying an increasingly stricter standard as to whether an amendment to an
Several Matters on Patent Invalidation in China
  Linda Liu Partners Patent Department As both domestic and foreign corporations increasingly realize the importance of the Chinese business market, these corporations pay more and more attention to the enforcement of patent rights in China.
The Amendment Tendency Relating to Article 46 of the Chinese Patent Law
  Linda Liu Partners During the process of amending the Chinese Patent Law this time, it has been discussed about whether it is necessary to newly establish a patents court or intellectual property court, and whether it is still necessary tha
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