A Reexamination Case Taught Us How to Avoid Going beyond the Scope
  Hao ZHANG Chinese Patent Attorney As Rule 42.1 of the Implementing Regulations of the Chinese Patent Law says, where an application for a patent contains two or more inventions, utility models or designs, the applicant may, before the expir
A Study on a Utility Model Case in Electrical Field
  Lei ZHOU Chinese Patent Attorney Linda Liu Partners I. Special Problems faced by Technical Solutions in Electrical Field in the Application for Utility Model in China Utility model is one of the three patent types in China and favored by ap
Discussion on the Distribution of Burden of Proof in Presumption of Novelty about Drug Crystal Forms
  Yu BAI Chinese Patent Attorney Chemistry Biotechnology Department Linda Liu Partners In the context of the booming pharmaceuticals industry, patents for crystal forms of pharmaceutical compounds are playing a more and more important role. F
Patent Stability Analysis of Utility Model in the Field of Electricity
  Xiaoxiang WANG, Tao CHEN Patent Attorney Linda Liu Partners Introduction China is a big country for patent application, and the number of patent applications for utility model is the largest among three types of patent applications. In 2016
Tips for Chinese Invalidation Procedures
  Hank SHEN Chinese Patent Attorney Mechanical Engineering Department Linda Liu Partners In China, any organization or person may file a request for invalidation with the SIPO with regard to a granted patent. As the judgment of the request fo
What kind of effects does PPH have in China?
  Ms. Hongjie YUE Chinese Patent Attorney Mechanical Engineering Department Linda Liu Partners PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) has attracted more and more attention from applicants, especially the foreign applicants, as an important way for
Analysis of Supplemented Experimental Data in Patent Examination — Reflections on Reexamination of a Patent Application
  Yan WANG Chinese Patent Attorney Chemistry Biotechnology Department Linda Liu Partners In the practice of Chinese patent examination, it has been controversial concerning whether or not supplemented experimental data can be accepted and whe
Analysis on Ways of Responding to Common Knowledge
  Tao CHEN Chinese Patent Attorney Electrical Engineering Department Linda Liu Partners In the substantive examination of China today, Chinese examiners use common knowledge a lot in determining inventiveness. They usually point out that the
Applicants Need to Avoid Self-Conflicting Applications in China
  Linda Liu Partners Most countries adopt a conflicting-application system to avoid double-patenting, and China is no exception. Such a major change was made in China when it amended its patent law for the third time in 2008 that even an appl
Booming VR/AR Industry Needs Strong Patents as Supports
  Peter ZHANG Chinese Patent Attorney Strategic Development Department Linda Liu Partners Virtual Reality (VR for short) has gradually developed into maturity and gained more and more wide attention since the 1990s. VR includes in a general s
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